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We started our collection at the back yard of one of our cofounders in 2019. The collected plastic was pre processed and delivered to recycler in Horana

We were losing 70% of money every month as we covered only 25% of our costs. Slowly we improved our collection methods and now we run a model to self sustain this collection effort.

We collected and recycled

Mixed Plastic
31300 Kg
Mixed Glass
12820 Kg
Mixed Metal
1300 Kg

Hasanka Padukka

Hasanka is the co-founder of Thuru and a Director and CEO of the Parent Company, Vibhava Solutions Pvt Ltd. He is the main driving force behind Zerotrash. He is involved in all the operations from collecting waste (literally!) to establishing partner network . Hasanka is a Management graduate from Rajarata University, and also has represented Sri Lanka in many International Leadership Programmes. Apart from planting trees and picking trash, Hasanka is sharing his knowledge and experience through “Entrepreneurship Caravan” program of Venture Frontier Lanka.

Hasanka Padukka, Co-founder

Heminda Jayaweera

Heminda is a Director of Vibhava Solutions Pvt Ltd. He is a co-founder of Thuru, the reforestation initiative of Vibhava Solutions. Heminda is an electronic and telecommunication engineering graduate from the University of Moratuwa. He was the former Chief Operating Officer of Sri lanka Institute of Nanotechnology ( SLINTEC), Sri Lanka's premier research facility. In addition, he has co-founded numerous other startups and initiatives such as Venture Frontier Lanka, Jendo Innovations, MoraSpirit and

Heminda Jayaweera, Co-founder



PS Gauthamadasa
Kokila Jayathissa
Head of Operations
Upamali Jayasinghe
Head of Finance
Nadeeka Jayaweera
Head of Environment Policy
Haily Seneviratne
Lead Scientist
Tharindu Dhananjaya
System Development
Ravindu Randeepa
Accounts Executive