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Our Impact

Recycled Amount

Mixed Plastic
31300 Kg
Mixed Glass
12820 Kg
Mixed Metal
1300 Kg
SDG goals align to

Our Contribution

SDG 3 : Good health

We collect the recyclable solid waste, including Plastic, Paper, Glass and Metal etc. by reducing illnesses from hazardous chemicals, and air, water and soil pollution and contamination.

SDG 9 : Innovation and Infrastructure

We research and develop technologies that radically change in the current world We engage in innovations with sustainability in mind, as we address cost and scalability changes. As our customers undergo digital transformation, we have digitalized our business start-up to provide quick and efficient customer service.

SDG 11 : Sustainable cities and communities

We provide a trustworthy service to reduce the adverse environmental impacts of cities, special attention to plastic waste management in Sri Lanka.

SDG 12 : Responsible consumption

We lead to eliminating uncontrolled dumping and open burning as the first stepping-stone to achieving environmentally sound solid waste management practices.

SDG 13 :Climate action

We collect recyclable waste and outsource it for the recycling process to combat climate change and its impacts. We believe adequate solid waste management practices can prevent the emission of large amounts of greenhouse gases.

SDG 14 : Life below water

We extend waste collection across the country and eliminate uncontrolled dumping to prevent waste from ending up in the marine environment. We involve in preventing marine pollution of all kinds, in particular from land-based activities, including marine debris.

SDG 15 : Life on land

We ensure the conservation of terrestrial and inland freshwater ecosystems and their services by preventing Waste Accumulation.

SDG 17 :Partnerships for the goals

We work together with many government authorities and non-government organizations, to get to the bottom of the plastic problem in Sri Lanka.

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