Terms and conditions

1. We only collect recyclable waste
2. Zerotrash has the right to refuse waste filled with solid trash and liquid trash
3. Collection SLA is 7 days
4. This service is only available for selected cities in Colombo district
5. Drop off the plastic and other selected recyclable waste is available at Zerotrash Collection Center - Boralasagamuwa on weekdays from 10.00am to 4.00pm

Zerotrash is a service of waste collection, hauling, segregation and transfer to recyclers, offering residential and Commercial Waste Management services. Commercial waste can be custom – tailored to fit the needs of individual businesses.
Removing various material from waste stream and direct them towards recycling, while supporting the company’s or individual’s goal to recycle as much as possible.

1. For each scheduled waste pickup, or each subscription, a pickup fee is charged to compensate transportation cost.
2. Our partnered recyclers pays Zerotrash for the weight of plastic/ glass we deliver for recycling.
We carry out two main initiates of Waste Collection, For each initiate, there are many collections plans that can match the convenience of waste producer. These fees have included to compensate the fuel and labor costs. Minimum weight of pickup for both businesses and households is 20 kg since it is neither economically nor environmentally feasible to schedule a pickup. To obtain a rough estimate of waste we encourage our clients send a send a photo of what is to be picked up (Logistic optimization).Due to the limitation in the distribution of warehouse facilities, We have limited the collection up to a distance of

Maharagama Rs.2500
Panadura Rs.2500
Union PlaceRs.3500
Kottawa Rs.3000
Athurugiriya Rs.3500
ThimbirigasyayaRs. 3000
Borella Rs.3500
Kotahena Rs.4000
Cinnamon GardensRs.3500
Wadduwa Rs.3000
Bandaragama Rs.3000
Homagama Rs.3500

Zerotrash is a your Premium Waste Company, a traceable platform adapted to sustainable mechanism

Things we don't collect

1. Rotting waste
2. Toxins
3. E-Waste, polythene bags, triple laminate polythene, 4. Anything under category hazardous waste 5. Not less than total 20 kg
6. Pickups ready
7. Bottles with product already in it
8. Not any hazardous waste
9. Wastes that doesn’t have a proper identification
10. No incentive,
11. No price
12. Segregated waste
All rates are final and will be decided prior to pick up.